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     I started this program as a support for the incredibly successful AOF Festival which I created in 2005.  The AOF Festival was a way -for people who had been challenged to find a way to showcase their work- to be seen.  

      Sure, you can use the internet but it just isn't the same as seeing your film on the big screen.  That's where the Action On Film International Film Festival came in.  We give filmmakers, writers, producers and talent the chance to see themselves and their work, the way it was supposed to be seen.

     Well, the same thing is happening with this program.  Filmmakers, writers, producers, directors, talent and other film creators get the chance to be seen via television talking about themselves, their work, their passion and futures.
     What better medium than the one we all grew up with to showcase the talent that is all around us?  Television is the medium of the people.

     When I first started the AOF, I got filmmakers who had never been in front of the camera.  They had never done interviews and they definitely didn't have the chance to talk about themselves in any meaningful way in front of an audience.
      This show belongs to them.  From the cameras to the crew and from the mics to broadcast, everything is about our creative stars and the work that they are doing.
      I've always said that life and success are about risk.  You're on your own out there.  Sure, there are people out there who will help but you have to make the first step and you have to be willing to risk everything with each step you take.
     This show is about risk and I'm taking risks, I hope you will too.  The show reaches a million viewers a week  all over the country.

Starring Mark Giardino

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If you are an artist, actor, producer, director or have a unique perspecitive on the industry, this is the show for you.  Contact us now to appear on the Del Weston's Action On Film show.

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